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Hours of Operation

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toothbrush cat one

Dr. Nieberg said I should brush every day.

Mmmm, fish!
My favorite.

Diets & Supplements

cat in a box
I like to think inside the box.

City Cat Clinic offers the three major brands of prescription cat food: Purina Veterinary Diets, Royal Canin Veterinary Diets, Hill's Prescription Diets; to make it easier to find the proper dietary formula and a flavor your cat will like.

We also stock dietary supplements and treats for common conditions.

This is good for me?
I love these treats.

Over-the-counter Supplements and Treats

  1. Intestinal – Pro Pectalin, Fortiflora
  2. Renal – Renakare, Epakatin, Clinicare
  3. Anti Inflammatory – Dasuquin, Glycoflex
  4. Vitamin/Mineral – Viralys, Felovite, Nutrical
  5. Hairball – Laxatone, Capilex
    • Hypoallergenic treats
    • Antianxiety – Cpmpousre, Zylkene